Reach 99% of the UK adult population with trust and transparency

Programmatic advertising loves big numbers. Many tech companies offer brands the ability to reach audiences at scale. But none can offer brands the ability to reach over 99% of the UK adult population in privacy-compliant, brand safe and trusted environments and from quality titles including The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Trinity Mirror and The Sun.


A single point of access to reach engaged audiences at scale

A recent Newsworks study found that 91% of those surveyed agreed they trusted the content from their chosen publication, and this high level of engagement drives an increased cost efficiency of 42% for advertising run in those quality environments.


Ozone is brand safe, transparent and trusted

Not only do our audience trust us, Ozone contextual environments are brand safe, fraud free and highly viewable. We are fully transparent, down to log level data if you want it.


No one understands context at scale better than we do

Unlike many in the advertising market, we have a right to talk about our audience. Our insight comes from deep routed meaningful relationships with real people, generated from the quality content our partners produce.


Ozone Audience makes programmatic advertising easy

Perfectly designed to match our audiences and to meet your objectives. Display, Video and Rich Media activation, with native formats coming soon. We work with you the way you want - from managed service, self service via premium programmatic channels, and coming soon a complete self serve capability via our buyer console.


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