Delivering new audiences for Christmas



In Q4 2018 The Ozone Project ran a six-figure campaign with Dunelm, the leading home furnishing retailer. Ozone’s precise targeting and audience modelling increased brand consideration by 8%, brand preference by 13% and intent to buy by 22%.


Natalie Dawson

Chris Jeffs (Goodstuff)


Ozone Audience


December 2018

The Brief

With 93% brand awareness already with buyers Dunelm were seeking to increase brand consideration and intent to buy during the peak retail period of the year.

In Q4 2019 The Ozone Project ran a six-figure campaign with Dunelm, a leading home furnishing retailer. Using regression analysis Ozone’s brand study partner Brand Metrics found Dunelm’s awareness was 93% within the Furnishing category prior to the campaign starting. With such a high awareness moving the needle posed a challenge.

The task for Ozone was to understand the Dunelm audience as they engaged in content across the Ozone publisher and ensure brand messages had impact and progressed the audience in their affinity with the Dunelm brand.


Ozone focused targeting audiences with a high propensity to engage in relevant content (such as home and furnishings or property) and those being at a life stage that suggests they are looking at home furnishings (new family or retirement). Time of day and frequency were key parameters in reaching the right audience and matching the right audience to the right product message.

The brand effectiveness study showed uplift in all areas with a particularly high increase in intent to buy. Having doubled their return on investment and gathered enriched audience information from The Ozone Project’s dataset and pixels, a spring campaign was established to target previously untapped audiences segments. 5 audience clusters were created and targeted on a separate line of the new campaign. These managed to outperform the rest of the targeting and provided an eCPA 67% lower than the original campaign. They also outperformed the rest of the Spring campaign with a lower eCPA of 34%.


The initial campaign results were outstanding:

  • Dunelm reached more than 3.2M people (20% more than targeted)

  • Brand studies isolated the effect of The Ozone Project (within the wider media plan) and found it:

    • Shifted intention to buy +22%

    • Shifted brand preference +13%

    • Shifted brand consideration +8%

    • Bespoke audience eCPA -67%

  • With a unique reach across Ozone’s titles (News UK, Reach PLC, The Guardian and The Telegraph) we were able to deliver 20% more unique users than the expectation

The Dunelm Client and Agency were very impressed and have subsequently booked 2 further campaigns.

“It has certainly delivered reach for us, and the dwell time on the articles that our ads appeared around exceeded expectations.”  

– Angela Porter, Marketing Director Dunelm –