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From its inception, the internet has always had something of the Wild West about it.….more

Ozone in the U.K., is built on a technical platform for delivering the ads across its partners…more

The Ozone Project, a collaboration across a number of national newsbrands, is no less ambitious, may be a good option to ensure success.…more

There have been some interesting developments around publisher data initiatives like The Ozone Project in the UK…more

Touted just under 12 months ago, the joint digital display-ad sales platform operated by four major news publishers is now up and running…more

Craig Tuck, managing director at The Ozone Project, spoke about how publishers are ‘taking control’ through collaboration…..more


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Cannes Lions @ Cannes, France
Ozone is convening the world's first publisher alliance summit, bringing alliances together from all over the globe. And where better to hold the inaugural summit than Cannes Lions where Ozone's journey first began in 2018.

Date: 17–21 June 2019
Time: 9:00am


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