S2S Ad Management Console

Your control centre for programmatic advertising. Simple yet powerful vendor management, configuration, reporting and insights, all in one place with no code and no engineering required to drive higher yields and ROI.


Ozone ID: Bringing together the best of all ID solutions

Ozone ID puts the publisher in complete control of their programmatic ad business. By removing publishers’ dependency on third-party cookies, Ozone ID delivers a technical foundation for enhanced match-rates and audience addressability across all device and browser-types.


Demand activation and discovery

S2S demand activation liberates your web pages of vendor scripts that slow page load speed and lead audience data to partners. Turnkey access to demand partners enables publishers to optimise demand partners from a console (no code changes required) as well as discover and evaluate new demand partners without lengthy onboarding processes.


Superior Insights and Data Access

Publishers can now access bidstream data that was previously only available to demand partners, enabling superior insights including bid density analysis and yield and loss reporting for demand partner management.


Automation: Dynamic pricing and partner profiling

With improved data access and insights comes advanced capabilities in dynamically setting floor price and profiling demand partners for each request to ensure the best possible bids and yield for your impressions.


Ozone Ops Community: Learn from the best

Best practice advice can save uncountable hours of frustration and testing. Ozone is proud of its publisher Slack channel and regular meetups where publishers share experiences and learnings with each other.

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Know who are you reaching and where. Tap into highly engaged readers across quality titles including The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Mirror and The Sun.

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Understand how we work and how we can partner to deliver the best reach and return for your brands campaigns.

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