Technical Requirements


    Ozone requires Ad Partners to supply the below data fields in the bid response:

    • adomain which is the advertiser domain, to be set in the field

    • Bidder or DSP ID for the DSP that submitted the bid, to be set in the object

    • Buyer or Seat ID for the DSP seat which submitted the bid, set in the field

    • Brand or Advertiser Name which identifies the brand featured in the creative, sent in the object

    • Advertiser Category which classifies the Brand or Advertiser, sent in the object

    Where the value passed is anything other than plain text e.g numerical ID, Ozone requires the Ad Partner to provide the corresponding mapping table and/or access to a reporting API in order to correctly interpret the ID.


    SSL traffic may be identified in the applicable bid request using the secure parameter (OpenRTB). If secure or ssl_enabled = 1, Ad Partner must bid only if Ad Partner’s Ad and all accompanying elements, such as tracking pixels, are SSL-compliant.

  3. VIDEO

    Video demand must respect the requirements of the applicable publisher (e.g., auto play, sound on/off, ad duration) as communicated in the bid request.

  4. VAST

    Video advertising can only be served into a publisher supported video player (in-banner video is not permitted).